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The Whistler, which is owned by SYC, may be sailed by any member who has been cleared to sail her for a nominal fee. Once again, Alden sailor extraordinaire Leland Thomas will offer members private lessons on the Whistler. To come racing or sailing, or learn more about these beautiful, historically significant boats, contact Mara Shore at




 1.  One adult member (18 years and up) certified by SYC must be present at all times.

 2.  The $50 season user fee must be paid before certification.  All user fees will be contributed towards the annual

      maintenance of the Whistler.

 3.  All users must sign a Use/Waiver form outlining requirements and responsibilities.

 4.  All users must wear lifejackets (includes all passengers).

 5.  Advance sign up and SYC certification required for all users.

 6.  Users must IMMEDIATELY report loss or damage or risk losing privilege to sail Whistler. Use/Waiver form clearly

      states this.

 7.  Users causing damage to Whistler or another boat (or other SYC equipment) while using Whistler will be required

      to reimburse SYC the amount of minor repairs or insurance deductible, if applicable, at the discretion of

      SYC. Use/Waiver form clearly states this.

 8.  Adult and Junior sailing program should have priority use, schedule to be established at the beginning of each


 9.  All prospective users must be certified by SYC after a “check ride”.  

10. Check rides and lessons may be scheduled with SYC by calling 635-2681 or by talking with the Steward or the

     Sailing Director.

11. All users must meet the requirements set forth in the following checklist in order to be cleared to use the Whistler.



1.  Rig/Unrig entire boat solo.
     (May have help folding sails but must know how to fold).

2.  Leave/Pick up mooring solo. 
     (May have extra pair of hands to drop/pick up mooring but must be able to handle boat throughout without help from


     This includes dropping sails and securing mooring on deck.)

3.  Leave harbor safely solo--tacking, jibing, avoiding obstacles, navigating harbor.

4.  Sail all points of sail, including head to wind to remain motionless, get out of irons.

5.  Complete man-overboard drill (must be able to jibe around and head to wind to retrieve man overboard).

6.  Land GENTLY on float (including knowing which to land on) and stay there with sails raised to pick up or drop off


Anyone wishing to use the boat but uncertain of his or her skills in any of these areas should  sign up for a lesson, which might also serve as the "check ride." Call 401-635-2681.